Video From Saturday Night, August 15, 2009


You all are guinea pigs, with the learning curve on POSTING VIDEOS.  (Thank You!)  If anyone can't access the video, please let me know.

Bill Manning and I each took one video, his longer and better organized than mine.  If anyone took any other, I'd appreciate a copy so I can post on the web site.

The two videos we have are presented  using Flash Video and Quick-Time Video.  Just click on the file name in the play list.  Use the play arrow to stop and start.

In the first pass at presenting this, some people could not see some of the video.  Hopefully showing it two ways will assure you can see at least one.  In either case, to see the videos, you must have either Flash or Quick-Time on your computer.  Both are free, Quick-Time for either apple or PC from Apple Corp., and Flash for either Apple or PC from Adobe.  They both have free viewers.  If you don't have the one for the video you are attempting to see, it should offer you the opportunity to download.  I have found both to be safe, but they present all the liability avoiding warnings in the process.  If you can't see anything or don't want to install either, let me know and I'll send you a DVD, FREE.  Apple/Mac computers have Quick-Time automatically.  PCs would need to have it installed.  Flash generally has to be installed in either case.

Here is the Flash Video.

I wish I had taken more video, but I got involved is having a good time!  I kept over explaining what I was doing  [ :-( ], but in spite of that,
there are some good moments.  Hopefully it will "take you back".  It does that to me.

Bill Manning responded to the video request and sent a DVD of video he took Saturday Night.  This is Really Good, Bill!!

If anyone wants a full resolution clip of anything, let me know.  Or if you experience a connection speed problem, I'll mail you a DVD


Here is the Quick Time Video.

Does anyone else have video or pictures?  Share them, Please.