Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pictures for The 50th PCHS 1959 Reunion

Here are my pictures of Our Reunion, August 2009

All the pictures I took are posted with out any editorial judgement.  It was easier and quicker (relatively quicker :-) ) to get them up and this link to you all.

There are also a number of contributed pictures that several of you have sent.  I have not forgotten or lost them, and they will be added too.  So keep sending them, please.  I just came back from the reunion to be greeted by a wall of work.  So little by little this will go up.  I plan on linking it to the main startup page for PCHS1959 with a general redesign that is in progress.  ... Including a few interesting NEW features.

If you have any questions, please email me by clicking here .

Some Hints For Viewing and using these pictures:

The detail is quite good on the full resolution pictures and renders into good large prints if any capture your interest. I hate to seem patronizing, but I have to include hints about downloading, because, some who will be seeing this don't know. Below are small thumbnails of each of the pictures, but each is linked to a full size file stored on the web site . If it were only for viewing, a smaller size would suffice, but these can be quality printed ...

You can right mouse click an image below and choose to save the target directly, or you can left mouse click an image and it will load into your browser where you can see it immediately (relatively) and choose to save it from the file menu of your browser. Left mouse-clicking will open the image in this open window and replace the image table below. Use your "BACK" button to get back here. Or when right-clicking, you may choose to open the image in another window or tab. BUT ... be careful to not just save the small thumbnail images below ... It'd be very grainy if you tried to print it.

I use Sam's and Costco for prints, because the price is great, and being a member of their photoclubs, I can upload pictures I want using the internet and get it within an hour at the club of my choosing. Of course you can print them if you have a good color printer. But the colors are not as fast as with the store photo prints, and the cost for a store print is less than the ink you expend ... especially if you print a lot of them. I usually reserve doing it on my photo printer for cases where I'm really in a hurry or doing something special. Any more, even most of the drugstores and grocery stores will let you upload. Or you can just bring photos into a store on a disk or flash drive too.

HINTS REMINDER: The pictures below are just small "index" shots that you select to get the real picture! Right mouse-click one of the Thumbnail shots below. Choose to open in separate tab or window from pop-up menu (keeps this page open). Or Choose to "Save Link Target" to directly save the good picture file somewhere on your hard drive. Left Click works, but opens the picture in this window ... so you have to use the Browser BACK button to get back to this index.

Main Event, Saturday Night at The Heathers (Stitched Panorama)

The Room that afternoon.  (Stitched Panorama)

The pictures thumbnail links are below.