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Pictures Provided by and for Pontiac Central Classmates

Hi Everyone! Below are links to the photos recently provided By You or Your Classmates.
This is the start of a new page that will show newer pictures, while pictures submitted fot the previous Reunion will
remain on the previously created page for last time.

You can provide new pictures by any means you like. If you mail a photo, I will scan it and return it to you.
Email attachement works great too. And you can use the updated information form on the web site ... or go directly to it by
clicking here.

There is a browse button at the bottom of the form that allows you to find a picture on your computer.
You can do one at a time, but can use the form multiple times. And the form doesn't require you to have email.
Just be sure to let me know your name on each submittal ... needn't fill out the rest of the form every time.

Click on the small thumbnail pictures below to get a quick screen view downloaded.

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See Hints for Viewing at the bottom of this page.

Click here for Hi-Res
Allen Farner
on Baloon Ride

Click here for Hi-Res
Allen's '39 Chevy

Click here for Hi-Res
Allen and Brenda

Click here for Hi-Res
Allen at NASCAR
Hall of Fame

Click here for Hi-Res
Allen Taking a ride

Click here for Hi-Res
Brenda & Allen
at Falley Forge

Click here for Hi-Res
Allen Farner
in Florida

Click here for Hi-Res
Rich and Pris Parr

Click here for Hi-Res
Rich and Pris Parr
Family Reunion

Click here for Hi-Res Bill & Gloria Manning 50th

Click here for Hi-Res
Bill & Gloria
50th Wedding

Click here for Hi-Res
Gloria & Bill Manning
Easter 2014

Click here for Hi-Res

Click here for Hi-Res
Looking Good, Bill!

Click here for Hi-Res
And with Family!

Click here for Hi-Res

Click here for Hi-Res
From Nancy (Donaldson) Scott
HS Dance ... Prom?

Click here for Hi-Res

Click here for Hi-Res

Click here for Hi-Res Nancy (Donaldson) Scott with her two daughters and three granddaughters

Click here for Hi-Res Barbara Patterson Kimball & Dave Kimball

Click here for Hi-Res Barbara & Dave, Thanksgiving 2012

Click here for Hi-Res Donna Gravely Elwell & Gary Elwell

Click here for Hi-Res Joanne Parsons Wood

Click here for Hi-Res Joanne Parsons Wood

Click here for Hi-Res Marilyn Adams Marks at Frankin Cider Mill

Click here for Hi-Res Marilyn in Key West

Click here for Hi-Res Marilyn Close-up

Click here for Hi-Res Tom Nichols and Son, Brian, at Fenway Park

Click here for Hi-Res Phyllis Schulze, Oct. 6, 2012 on trip to MI.

Click here for Hi-Res The Dolphin's Swim Team with Anne Donaldson Lowe, Nancy Donaldson Scott, and Barbara Patterson Kimball.

Click here for Hi-Res Brian and Vicki Woolcock on their 49th Wedding Anniveray! Our four sons surprised us with a 50th anniversary banquet on 4/18/2014. Quite a gathering. Vicki and I share the same birthday 10/25/1941. She was my neighbor and we didnít date until college. We have four wonderful sonís. Michael, our second son and his wife (Raja) are going to arrive this Saturday for a two week vacation. Michael is the Lead Host for the Microsoft Cloud program in Europe.

Click here for Hi-Res Michael Woolcock at his Wedding to Raja in Morocco. Notice the beautiful arabesque architecture. Michael and Raja will be arriving next Saturday. Spend most of the time at the Frankfort beach. Both are with Microsoft Europe. Still have our Moroccan wedding robes.

Click here for Hi-Res Jim and I celebrated our 50th anniversary on August 10, 2013. The BEST gift ever from our children, 3 days all together at a campground in PA. That is the first time in 5 years that we had all been together. Our children live in Ithaca, NY, Richmond, KY, Holland, MI and Lexington, KY. All 18 of us together! It couldn't have been more wonderful!

Some Hints For Viewing and using these pictures .

The "Thumbnails" above are small to facilitate quick downloading of this page.  Full size photos might take forever to download them all if it happened all at once.

The detail is better on the full resolution pictures and they would renders into better prints. I don't know who knows what, so I include hints about downloading. The small "thumbnail versions" of each of the pictures is linked to a moderate size file stored on the web site, suitable to get a good look in your browser window.
Click the message "Click here for Hi-Res" to get original file size, possibly suitable for printing photos and perhaps get the picture you want while still giving an "un-pixelated" picture.

You can right mouse click a thumbnail image above and choose to save the target directly, or you can left mouse click an image and it will load into your browser where you can see it immediately (relatively) and choose to save it from the file menu of your browser.  When right-clicking, you may choose to open the image in another window or tab. BUT ... be careful to not just save the small thumbnail images ... It'd be very grainy if you tried to print it. And make sure you are saving the resolution you want. 

HINTS REMINDER: The pictures in the table are just small "index" shots that you select to get the real picture! Right mouse-click one of the Thumbnail shots. Choose to open in separate tab or window from pop-up menu (keeps this page open). Or Choose to "Save Link Target" to directly save the good picture file somewhere on your hard drive.

Enjoy, Bruce

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