Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pictures for Class of 1959, PCHS

Hi Everyone! Below are links to the still photos sent to me by you all so far.

Some Hints For Viewing and using these pictures:

The detail is quite good on the full resolution pictures and renders into good large prints if any capture your interest. I hate to seem patronizing, but I have to include hints about downloading, because, some who will be seeing this don't know. Below are small thumbnails of each of the pictures, but each is linked to a full size file stored on theweb site. If it were only for viewing, a smaller size would suffice, but ...

You can right mouse click an image below and choose to save the target directly, or you can left mouse click an image and it will load into your browser where you can see it immediately (relatively) and choose to save it from the file menu of your browser. Left mouse-clicking will open the image in this open window and replace the image table below. Use your "BACK" button to get back here. Or when right-clicking, you may choose to open the image in another window or tab. BUT ... be careful to not just save the small thumbnail images below ... It'd be very grainy if you tried to print it.

I use Sam's and Costco for prints, because the price is great, and being a member of their photoclubs, I can upload pictures I want and get it within an hour at the club of my choosing. Of course you can print them if you have a good color printer. But the colors are not as fast as with the store photo prints, and the cost is less than the ink you expend ... especially if you print a lot of them. I usually reserve doing it on my photo printer for cases where I'm really in a hurry or doing something special. Any more, even most of the drugstores and grocery stores will let you upload. And you can just bring photos into a store on a disk or flash drive too.

There are other ways to very artfully present the pictures on a web site, but this way is quick, gets them available to you, and it is easy to add lots of additional pictures as they come along.

HINTS REMINDER: The pictures below are just small "index" shots that you select to get the real picture! Right mouse-click one of the Thumbnail shots below. Choose to open in separate tab or window from pop-up menu (keeps this page open). Or Choose to "Save Link Target" to directly save the good picture file somewhere on your hard drive. Left Click works, but opens the picture in this window ... so you have to use the Browser BACK button to get back to this index.

In any case this will be updated periodically as additional pictures come in. Email any pictures you'd like to post to me .

The Mariott, Reunion Hotel, and the Heathers Club, site of evening events.

A Stitched panorama of our Reunion Hotel

A Stitched panorama of The Heathers Club

Pictures were taken the day of the Reunion Planning Meeting held Friday May 1, 2009.

Harrison Munson and His Lovely Wife Geri!

Stanton Walker and His Lovely Wife Jessica

Bruce Quayle, senendipitously visiting Michigan at the time of the meeting.

Harrison showing The Heathers Club Banquet Space.

Harrison and Stan

Harrison and Bruce

Table in Banquet Area

Lounge Area Next to Fireplace in Banquet Hall

Bar/Lounge at The Heathers Club

Bar/Lounge at The Heathers Club

Harrison, Jessica, and Geri in Balcony Foyer

This Crofoot Basketball picture has engendered a lot of interest. So it is presented here with all the attributions we have so far. We still need a few names!

Crofoot Boys Basketball, 1052-1953
Rear Row: Eddy Ajoian, Albert Padar, ?, Jim MacIntosh, Bruce Bergstrom, Dick Brown, Mr. Theodore Weirsema
Front Row: Jimmy Patterson, John McClure, Jim Dempsey, Michael Taylor, Leroy Prichart
Please Help with the remainder.  8/4/2010 Thanks to Clarence Phillips for filling in Jimmy Patterson!

We have other pictures that deserve the same callout of all the names. Let me know which?

Pictures provided by Classmates. SEND YOUR PHOTOS FOR POSTING!!!

From Jim McIntosh.
Harley Hopp, Phil Schuricht, Jim McIntosh, Lynn Walker, Bruce Bergstrom, Dave Payne

Kathie (Hunter) Code

Doug Voydanoff

David Kimball (Barb (Patterson) Kimball)

Bruce Quayle and Lynda camping near Put-In-Bay (South Bass Island State Park)

Bill Manning's Wife,

Bill Manning

From Bruce and Judy Bergstrom. Can you find Bill Manning, Dave Jones, Bob Davidson and Bruce Bergstrom, all of whom were in the class of '59?
BILL MANNING says this was taken Fall Semester of the Charter Year at MSUO.

Lori France (Loretta Romano) Taken a couple of years ago by Hwy 89 in CA. Lori and Joyce (Lowery) Hecklinski will be driving up from the south together for the Reunion. Their contact data is on CM Data Page.

In response to your last email, here is a picture of Carl and I on The Blue Ridge Parkway with the Mini GP car. Even I enjoy
it. We have done several extended tours with the car through NY, PA, W. VA, VA, TN, NC, OH and Canada.

See you in August, Kathie Code (Hunter)

Bill Wanted a good picture of himself and Gloria in the same shot. It is good, Bill.

From Ron Hoekman.
Pat Hoekman (Kline)
Joanne Morris (Shaw)
Kathy Code (Hunter)

Jim Gibbs
Looking forward to seeing everybody in August.

Two Family Pictures from Lynne (Anderson) Ruth taken in Kentucky for Thanksgiving. She and Jim have four children - one son and three daughters - and six grandchildren - all boys.

Looks like a great bunch of boys! :-)

Jim and I live in Greene, NY (north of Binghamton). Our children and their families are in Ithaca, NY, 2 in Lexington, KY and one in Holland, MI.

Pictures of her family from Barbara (Patterson) Kimball (UR). Featuring Husband, David (LL), Daughter Pamela (UL) and Son Scotty (LR).

This is the definitive picture of Doug Voydanoff as he pictured himself in his HS days. He sent it in an email a few years ago, and I just came across it again.

Anne (Donaldson) Lowe And herYoungest Grandchild, Cooper Lowe

Ann Lowe's Ammie's Club Picture, 1959

Pattie (Huntwork) Francis by Museum in Philadelphia. Joe is a professor at Cornell University. I do figurative painting. My son, Tom, teaches at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Joe Francis by Museum in Philadelphia

Ann Lowe's Ammie's Club Picture, 1959. Rescan from physical photo mailed by Anne. Presented as an example of getting the right picture posted! I mailed it right back, and I will do the same for you.

Self Portrait A by Pattie (Huntwork) Francis

Self Portrait B by Pattie (Huntwork) Francis

John Stoehr

John Stoehr Arriving at Ridgecrest. I'm sure there's a story that goes with, and I'm anxious to hear it.

John Stoehr (Spyder?)

Jim Gibbs enclosed his card with his registration payment.

Jerry Powers

1984 Group Reunion Picture from Nancy (Donaldson) Scott

Four Picts from Mike Nyberg. Penny and I performed an Argentine Tango at the Traverse City Opera House.

I am seated in my restored 1970 BOSS 302 on hot pit lane at the Michigan International Speedway.

I am standing next to my modified 1994 Mustang at the Waterford Hills Race Course.

Penny and I posed for a picture after we attended a tango dinner show in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Bruce and Judy Bergstrom sent this 1952-53 picture of the Crofoot BB Team. We see Bruce B, Jim McIntosh, Jim Dempsey, and perhaps John McClure. Any others ... ANYONE? 7/11, lots of responses.

Judy and Bruce Bergstrom (above) sent in several shots taken in 2007.

Becky and Bernie Toby, 2007

Harley Hopp, 2007

Nicky and Lynn Walker, 2007

Billie and Bill Schuricht, 2007

8 Shots from Ron & Pat (Kline) Hoeckman
1959 Friends Horsing Around

1959 Friends Pyramid

Dejuner a la Francaise-Martinique 2008

Pat (Kline) Hoeckman

Pat Sailing Lake Erie 2007

Ron & Pat in Caribbean

Ron Sailing in the rain

Ron and Pat in the Day

Nancy (Donaldson) Scott's Farm.
8/4/2010 Just got an email from Nancy Scott: The kids created all the animals etc.

Black & White Picture from Nancy with lots of familiar faces. If we get enough names, we'll post it Large.

Several Pictures from Pat (Watson) Orend. This one when visiting her son in Portugal. Great Shot Pat!

Mr Allen's Home Room, probably 9th grade.

Pat's Sunday School!

"Lynne Anderson, Kay Hamilton, Judy Thiese and I rented a cabin on Lake Odessa for a week."

"This is All Saints Choir singing at Pontiac State Bank Christmas of 1950. I wish my bank looked like that today!"

"And here we are at Doug's (Voydanoff) after my daughter graduated from highschool in 1986. His wife Jen is next to me."

Nancy (Donaldson) Scott and her family.

Pat's 9th Grade Washington DC trip.

Picture of Ann Gillis on 9th grade Washington DC Trip ... from Pat's album. Does anyone have Ann's contact info?

Don and Sue's new house in Tennessee. [Susan (Webster) Franklin]

Linda (Cousens) Brakke Rickshaw Ride in Toronto

Rick and Sharon (Pike) Erikson.  Sharon has just mailed tons of memories for posting.  They will go up as soon as ...  Probably not all at once!
Take a look at the "King and I Program ." for starters.

Sharon says: "This is a photo of the Trio I sang with for about 5 years during school years.  We had just cut a demo record, when I was married, June 12, 1959."

PCHS Production of The King and I.  Sharon Pike as Tuptim, Dennis Zimmerman as Lun Tha, and Dave Lemanski as Palace Guard.

Sharon Pike and Dennis Zimmerman

Marilyn Velan and Sharon Pike.

Harley Hop and his dog, Muqua.  When all is said and done, there's nothing like a good dog!

Donna (Gravely) Elwell Has provided two lovely shots or herself and four newspaper clips of our PCHS Sports heros.
This shot of Donna is on a Riverboar Cruise in Rudesheine, Germany.

Donna enjoying a Lunch in Downtown Savana ... I have to say one of the nicer cities around!

PCHS Basketball Team.

PCHS  Team Bringing Home a Tille!

PCHS Football Team in Practive.

Our own Harrison in his Glory as Quarterback!

Don and Sue recently at Macinac Island. [Susan (Webster) Franklin]

Don and Jo (Morris) Shaw, 8/8/2008

Don and Jo (Morris) Shaw, Rafting down Snake River at Grand Teton National Park

Jo (Morris) Shaw's Brownie Troop 80.  Can you tell which is her?

Lisa McGlee sent in a picture of her mother, our classmate Phyliss Linden Greenwalt, after the reunion.  But we will post as we receive.  Hi Phyliss!!